Tuesday, December 21, 2010

15 Claims the Natural Gas Industry Wants You To Believe And Why They Are Wrong

Industry spends millions trying
to convince the public and law-
makers of the benefits of
"natural gas", but a quick look
at the propaganda reveals deep
The greed of a few, will poison
many.Wake up citizens, EPA
is our only hope.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Thristy Energy, Scarce Water: Interdependent Security Challenges

The following link will explain
how energy demands for water
put us at risk. Associated with
this environmental crisis is a
great political change. due to
divergent population pressures
and uneven natural distribution
of global water resources, the
world is being polarized into
water Haves and Have-nots,
posing myriad security challenges
that intersect energy security in
various ways. Fresh water scarcity
is a key reason why  3.5 billion
people are projected to be living
in countries that will not be able
to feed themselves by 2025.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

US natural gas drilling boom linked to pollution and social strife

Residents of Pennsylvania have
begun to call themselves, "little
Texas". The race for hydraulic
fracturing, 'fracking' is in full
force there. Without proper
research to insure the safety of
aquifers, air or soil. These folks
are experiencing the destruction
of their way of life.
Here, I would like to interject
a thought from Tim Ruggerio,
who says they are not making
cars to run on natural gas, or
that most power plants remain
coal-fired, so where is all this
natural gas? They have foreign
drilling co's. and foreign investors.
So where are all the trillions of ft.
of natural gas that has been

Monday, November 15, 2010


Mayor of Dish Calvin Tillman,
Tim Ruggerio of Wise County,
Charles E. Morgan of Freestone
County were on hand to answer
questions after our local showing
GASLAND a documentary film
from Josh Fox explores the
largest ever gas rush  in
our country.
From fish kills, to well contamination's,
to flaming tap water, this fast pace
movie covers several states now
being  inundated  with gas wells.
Tim and his family's sad story was on
60 min. last night.
This was very informative and
community binding, a good time
was had by all.
Thank you Mayor Tillman, and
Mr. Ruggerio for the insight.
Thanks to Barbara Lawrence
and Southern Oaks Clubhouse.
Also of course, our photographer
Helen, and Director Mr. Morgan.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Screening of this award winning
documentary film:

SATURDAY, NOV. 13th 2010
3p.m. to 5p.m.
At Southern Oaks Clubhouse
At St. Elmo 111 Southern Oaks Dr.
behind the Shell service station
just off  F.M. 416 4 miles west
west of F.M.488, and north of
          Cost- Free
( Donations will be accepted to
support Citizens for Environmental
Clean-Up (CEC) information

Introducing "Gasland"  movie will
be Dish, Tx. Mayor Calvin Tillman.
The most fearless local elected
official, when it comes to taking
on the gas industry. There will be
a question and answer period
after the movie presentation.
Mayor Tillman,Charles Morgan
P.E. inactive Executive Director
CEC, and Barbara Lawrence, an
environmentally active Richland
Chambers resident will be available
to answer questions.

Don't miss this eye opening
documentary film about the risks
and dangers of natural gas develop-
Mr. Josh Fox produced this film
after being asked to lease his
Pennsylvania property for gas
exploration. he travelled across the
country to find out more about the
possible risks and repercussions
on the land and people. In Texas
fresh water wells have been con-
taminated to the point that residents
can turn on the tap, light a match
and watch what is supposed to be
their drinking water actually burn.
This is a must see movie.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Non - profit forms to help record
impact near drilling sites.

Mayor Calvin Tillman led the
press conference this afternoon.
He showed state-of-the-art
equipment to be used by trained
volunteers and has made arrange-
ments with certified laboratories
to analyze results.
Advisors include: Wilma Subra a
Louisiana chemist, Chris Nidel
a Washington, D.C. environmental
attorney and chemical engineer,
Cherelle Blazer atmospheric chemist,
and Josh Fox filmmaker and creator
of the award-winning documentary
Partners include: Robert Finne
and Andy Cheiser of Arkansas,
Frank Finan of New York, and
Stephanie Hallowich of Penn-
Also on the board of Directors:
Sharon Wilson of the Texas Oil
& & Gas Accountability Project,
Bartonville resident Susan Knoll,
and Corinth resident Cora Bell.
Let's hope their good work can
spread beyond North Texas, to
include the entire state.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

State Officials Snub Angry Residents At Town Hall Meeting

Dish, Tx  State inspectors cited
no violations in response to
almost 99% of citizens com-
plaints about natural gas drilling
and hydrofracking operations
in the Barnett Shale region in
the first 7 months of 2010,
according to documents obtained
through the Texas Public Infor-
mation Act.

One complaint received by TCEQ
reads "the odor was so strong my
7 year old was vomiting."

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chemical Danger: Industry Greed Putting Millions At Risk

   When it comes to chemical safety, we're
more at risk of industry incompetence or
greed, than a terrorist attack. Safer
alternatives exist so why won't industry
use them?
   Secure Water Facilities Act and Secure
Chemical Facilities Act would force
companies with high risk sites to apply
(IST) Inherently Safer Technology.
That would according to The American
Chemical Society "greatly reduce
potential threats to public and worker
safety, health and the environment
plant and public infrastructure from
a variety of scenarios that might
result in releases fugitive or otherwise,
of hazardous and toxic materials."

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Fairfield Lake had fish kills in
2008 and 2009, but the one this
year, was much larger and came
earlier in the year. Estimated
loss 1,255,674  mostly thread
fin shad gizzard shad and tilapia.
Smaller quantities of game fish
such as, red drum, large mouthed
bass, and catfish.
Even though this happened in
late Aug. newspaper stories
didn't come out until the middle
of Sept. There is a power plant on
this lake, can be seen in picture,
does this contribute to oxygen
loss? Is this really normal?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Coal Ash: A National Problem Needs a National Solution

On Sept. 8th, 3 of our members
made the trip to Dallas for the
Coal ash/EPA/Sierra Club
meeting. Our objective was
to convince the EPA that coal
ash is toxic, and should be
classified as such. I've posted about
this before, and will continue
to stay informed on new de-
velopments. LINK

There were many speakers
there from OK, they had a lot
to say about a Co. called
Making Money Having Fun.
so here is a link on that.
Also views of a rancher in Montana,

Gasland Official USA Theatrical Trailer! Opening Soon!

Bluedaze: DRILLING REFORM FOR TEXAS: GASLAND Official USA Theatrical Trailer! Opening Soon!#links#links#links#links#links

If you have to drive 100 miles, to see this movie...
it will be well worth it.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Our Health Or Their Wealth

   The EPA is set to crack down
on polluters, with stronger rules
and regulation. Industry has
lobbied fast and furious against
this, with millions and millions
of dollars.
   It's as if they can't see the forest
for the trees. If only they could
spend that money on safe practices,
lives could be saved. Contaminating
our air, soil, and water spewing
such toxins as arsenic, benzene,
mercury, lead, and formaldehyde
is not good for us, animals, or
the planet. Many developments
exist to contain or capture spills,
leaks, flaring, venting etc. Here I
will mention, human error which
caused a nuclear shut-down in 
south Texas on Friday.
   Our grand children will not care
about deficits, if they can't 
breathe, eat, or have pure water.
BP overstated the job losses (in
industry) to maintain big profits,
and boost bottom line. We shouldn't
have to pay to clean up their mess,
or ours. Industry should be 
more responsible, more American.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

BSEEC & Titan Engineering Hid Formaldehyde Findings In Barnrett Shale Air Study

I attended this presentation in Ft.
Worth to see how 'big cities' are
coping with the drilling boom,
and health problems associated
with it.
Wilma Subra  was said to be 'our'
Mother Teresa, informing and
empowering  the little guys.
The BSEEC panel seemed to
have only the good neighbor
playbook pat answers, to some
well thought out questions.
One really good one from Tim Ruggerio
was how much notice facilities were
given before inspection. The answer:
"at least two weeks." read Bluedaze
on formaldehyde.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

EPA Considers Risk of Gas Extraction

   Yellow foul-smelling water,
do you depend on your own
water well? Could be a costly
investment down the drain.
Even public water supplies
leave a lot to be desired.
   The hydraulic fracking
method of gas extraction
takes 3-9 million gallons
of water, sand, and 590+
'secret' chemicals, how's
that for the water table? The
EPA is preparing to spend
1.9 million dollars on a study
to find out. This should
prompt families, farmers, and
ranchers to re-think the clean
energy Bridge.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Cynthia Lee of Donie, who
recently chained herself to
a tree to prevent XTO drilling
on her land has made the paper again.
Word is she now has an
attorney to prevent pipe-
lines on her land. If they
get the pipelines in she
can never have a pond
there, dig on it, or use it

Friday, July 9, 2010

FDL says Moratorium on "Fracking" in NYS

   Cynthia Kouril
Senator Joeseph P. Addabbo Jr.,
is sponsoring a bill calling for
a moratorium on hydro-fracing
in up-state New York watershed.
It may come up for a vote in the
Senate before the end of the
current legislative session,
scheduled to resume the week
of July 12th.

Fracas Over 'Fracking'

Damascus Citizens Reports
from Houston Business
by: Ford Gunter
   "It's going to be over very
quick, I think the EPA is
going to rule very quickly
'frac' water is carcinogenic.
They have to put it back
under the (Safe Drinking
Water Act). Everyone in the
industry says when that
happens... it's over."
Despite the best intentions of
energy icon T. Boone Pickens
and regardless of the controversy
over deep water exploration in
the Gulf of Mexico, onshore gas
operations in the United States
face a serious and distracting

Friday, June 25, 2010

With Every Breath I Take...

Here is a petition link to sign
for the EPA to give us clean
air in Texas. Despite Rick
Perry's absurd claim, that
Texas should be a Poster Child
for the rest of the nation in
clean air.
Unfortunately, the environ-
mental regulators appointed
by Rick Perry have received
more than 2.3 million from
energy interests in the last
three years.
American Lung Association
gives a grade of F to 21 of
30 biggest counties in the
state for their air quality.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Here is an excellent link to
a series of gas drilling stories
in PA. By staff writer Laura
Legere in the Times Tribune.
Shared from the Marcellus
Effect blog. sounds a lot like
the same irresponsible gas
drilling problems here doesn't
They are planning to drill
thousands of wells there.
People are now aware of the
dangers, and water usage it
takes to drill a well. Let's
hope the Horizon mess will
instill better safety habits.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gasland Watch "Party"

CEC members and friends you
are invited to a Gasland watch
"party". Casual living-room
setting. We will be discussing
what we can do to stop the
effects of poor drilling
practices, to our health and
RSVP soon limited seating
available. (214) 536-0610
Monday, June 21, 2010 @

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Benzene Pound for Pound We Got More

Got this map from Bluedaze
blogspot, it shows Texas
leads America in Benzene
emissions. A claim to fame,
our Governor pooh-poohs.
He thinks EPA is meddling
in our bidness, I should
hope so, as the health effects
can be deadly.
Yes, there are other causes
of benzene releases, but if
you've noticed our rural
areas lately, you know big
Gas & Oil are mighty
players. You see, more
populous areas rate more
protection, be it air, noise,
water, whatever. Maybe it's
because of more eyes to
see.... surely not because
they think we are just
"rural" folks, so check out
this link and see for your-
self. http://www.cnn.com/interactive/2010/05/health/map.toxic.chemicals/index.html#

Saturday, June 5, 2010

BP & Halliburton Try To Buy Off Government Officials

Investigating Spill
   The Texas take on this:
Perry calls BP spill an " act of God",
at a trade association funded by BP
in May.

About a week before executive
Timothy Probert appeared be-
fore the House Energy & Com-
merce investigative sub-
committee, Halliburton donated
$1, 500 to the ranking Rep.
Joe Barton reelection effort.
Good ol' industry friendly
Smokey Joe. Be sure to read the
comments to this link.http://blogs.alternet.org/speakeasy/2010/06/03/bp-and-halliburton-try-to-buy-off-government-officials-investigating-spill/

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

EPA to Take Over Parts of Texas Air Permitting

Because it's Illegal and doesn't
adhere to the Clean Air Act

Sierra Club has asked Governor
Perry to clean up our air and
water and he's failed. Last
Tuesday the EPA announced
it will take over parts of the
Texas Air Permitting Program.
Governor Perry had the audacity
to try and stop the EPA. Tell
Governor Perry to get out of
the way, and protect our

Saturday, May 22, 2010

CEC Members and Friends

Our monthly meeting has been
moved to Thursday May 28, 2010
same time, same place.

The Big Deception

 If you haven't already read
Mayor Tillman's Big Deception
now's your chance. This story
is told by the Mayor of a tiny
town (pop. 300 or so) about
their health concerns, after
"natural gas" invaded with
11 compressor stations.
Read the scientific bamboozle
Texas Department of State
Health Services offers up.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Chained Woman Follow-Up

" I was forced to sign the
contract. If I didn't they were
going to get a restraining
order against me, and I
would go to jail," Donie land
owner stated in a follow up
interveiw & photo that appeared
on the front page of the "Times"
May 11, 2010.
Landfarming, bull-dozing, threats
of jail, pond contamination,
crystallized substances, oil
film, "mud" dumps read all
about it: http://www.freestonecountytimes.com/

Sierra Club to sue Luminant (formerly TXU)

Sierra Club intends to sue
Luminant (formerly TXU)
for thousands of air pol-
lution violations at the Big
Brown coal-fired electric
generating power plant,
near Fairfield, Texas south
of Corsicana. One of the
dirtiest in the nation.
Read how the
huffing stacks can cause
high ozone levels in the
Dallas Ft. Worth area this

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

130 Compressor Stations in Freestone County

Do you know how many are in your county?
Did you know they operate 24/7?
How many toxins do they huff and spew
in a day? How many tons per year?
Not to mention, the dangers from
LFN (low frequency noise).
The link below gives some insight
on Liberty Christian School
Stadium,thanks Bluedaze we are not

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Woman in Chains

Freestone County Times

Cynthia Lee of Teague, chained
herself to a tree on her property,
to try to prevent a sour gas well
from being drilled. Embroiled
in a battle with Robert Coker of
Coker Land Sevices who is
representing XTO who plans to
drill there.
You Go Girl! We are with you.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Will BP weasel out of it's debt?
This fund was set up in 1986
but not financed until after Exxon
Valdez ran aground in 1989.

Odd isn't it they can put a man
on the moon, but plugging an
oil leak in the ocean, well....
If there is good and bad in everything
then the bad, is loss of life, livlihoods,
an many marine animals.
Perhaps the good could have been
more people aware of the
environment, and corporate
greed. Thanks Rush you make
everything stink.

Freestone and Surrounding Counties Tortured

We are a giant pin cushion,
industry bores us dry. They make
thunder mild, and sickness is
rampant. Children are behind in
school, and it's not just the lack
of funding. Just take a read of
our future, if someone fails to
Protect Our Children

Retired Engineer Finds New Disease

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Coal Ash: A National Problem Needs a National Solution

Earthjustice    Sierra Club
Tennessee Coal Ash Spill:
" Largest Environmental Disaster
of it's kind in the United States"

Dec. 22, 2008 a dike holding back
decades worth of coal ash failed
at the Kingston Fossil Plant in
Harriman, Tn., flooding the
surrounding area with more than
one billion gallons of toxic coal
ash, or enough to flood 3,000
acres 1 ft. deep. Testing of sur-
rounding water bodies showed
extremely dangerous levels of
arsenic mercury and other toxins.
600+ Coal Ash sites Nationwide,
but no Federal Regulation.
Nobody's looking, Whee!

This Land's Coal's Land.....

Mountain Top Removal
Displaces Destroys and
Planet Green
Not that there is mountain top
removal going on in Texas,
this slideshow is a wake-up
call in visual. Industry will
gladly forget the future for
a 'fast' buck now

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Louisiana Well Blowout Forces Hundreds From Homes

Pro Publica.... Abrahm Lustgarten
Hundreds of people have been
evacuated from their homes in rural
western Louisiana after a natural
gas well blowout contaminated a
drinking water aquifer there Monday.

" It's dangerous to drink the water.
You can't bathe in it, you can't wash
your clothes. You basically cannot
use the water at all,' said the spokes-
woman Cindy Chadwick.

It is not clear what other contaminants
are in the water, other than methane
gas, Exco officials told news outlets.
MORE: http://www.propublica.org/feature/louisiana-well-blowout-forces-hundreds-from-homes

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New EPA boss says tougher ozone standards inescapable

Greg Harman   The San Antonio Current
" I think the standard is going to
be what  medical evidence tells
us it should be," said Al Armendariz
Regional Director of EPA, before
addressing a gathering at Blue Star
hosted by the Greater Edwards
Aquifer Alliance.
"What that really means to me is,
we've got to go after the largest
sources of pollution. When you
look across the region, those
largest sources are primarily the
large utilities, big industry, and
mobile sources-things like cars
and trucks and construction
......policy changes that reduced
outdoor ozone air pollution
during the 1996 Olympics in
Atlanta, GA were associated
with up to a 42% reduction
in pediatric asthma events
especially for poor children.
Read more >  http://www.sacurrent.com/blog/queblog.asp?perm=70262

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Week's Highlights In Good Ol' Fashioned Corporate Villainy

Cross-posted from Treehugger

The Greedy Coal Company that
Overlooks It's Employees Safety
for Profit
29 employees were killed in an
explosion. Company's boss Don
Blankenship found safety concerns
to be a nuisance.

The Shipping Company that Took
a Shortcut through the Barrier
Reef-and Crashed
Coal- carrying vessel smashed into
part of the Great Barrier Reef.

Oil Company Revealed to Spend
Millions to Confuse Public About
$50 million dollars into funding
public campaigns designed  to
confuse the public about climate
science. Good ol' Koch Industries.

Biggest Private Company in the
World Didn't Pay Federal Taxes
in 2009
ExxonMobil doesn't pay any
federal income taxes.

18,000 Gallon Oil Spill in Wildlife 
Chevron's oil pipeline ruptured,
spewing crude into a pristine
wildlife refuge.http://www.treehugger.com/files/2010/04/week-highlights-old-fashioned-corporate-villainy.php 

Friday, April 9, 2010

Chronic Illness Liknked To Coal-Mining Pollution Study Shows

Science Daily
  "Residents of coal mining com-
munities have long complained
of impaired health," Michael Hendryx
Ph.D, associate director of the WVU
Institute for Health Policy Research
in WVU's Community Medicine
department, said. "This study sub-
stantiates their claims. Those
residents are at an increased risk
of developing chronic heart, lung
and kidney diseases."
. have a 70% increased risk for de-
veloping kidney disease
. a 64% increased risk  for developing
chronic obstructive pulmonary dis-
ease(COPD) such as emphysema.
. are 30% more likely to report
high blood pressure  (hypertension).

EPA Broadens Study of Fracking Industry Ire Boils

The EPA begins public hearings in Washington
today about it's study of hydraulic fracturing,
which could sway Congress on whether or
not to repeal an exemption for the process
in the Safe Drinking Water Act.
   By Abrahm Lustgarten, ProPublica, Guest
Writer, 4-07-10.
  The Oil & Gas Industry strongly opposes
this new approach. Plans for the study have
attracted international attention and have
been the focus of intense debate among law-
makers and the Oil & Gas industry. The
findings could affect Congress' decision
whether to repeal an exemption that shields
the fracturing process from federal legis-
lation under the Safe Drinking Water Act.
Industry received a get-out-of-jail-free
exemption from the Bush administation
that allows them to keep fracking formulas
secret and  propriatary.http://www.newwest.net/topic/article/as_epa_broadens_study_of_fracking_industry_ire_boils/C35/L35/

Sunday, April 4, 2010


One of our most active members
e-mailed me about this, reading
a second time, I noticed the date,
early December. This is enough
to get me spiting mad.  How about
All of the State TCEQ scientists
who worked on the permit for the west
Texas dump site, owned by Waste
Control Specialists (WCS), de-
termined the site to be inadequate
because of the possible radioactive
contamination of our aquifers and
groundwater. Corruption and politics
led to the permitting of the site
anyways, ignoring the entire TCEQ
technical team's recommendation against
issuing the permit. 3 TCEQ employees
quit over the decision.http://texasvox.org/2009/12/07/don%E2%80%99t-let-texas-become-the-nation%E2%80%99s-radioactive-waste-dumping-ground/
Go to this link to take action! Tell
the Compact Commission you do
not want Texas to become the
nation's radioactive waste dumping
ground. http://texasvox.org/2010/04/02/prevent-texas-from-becoming-the-nations-radioactive-waste-dump/
In addition to e-mailed comments:
Austin hearing, also one in Anderson

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Of water, and we're left to drink the
dirty backwash. "We can't escape".

Even as a growing number of coal
burning power plants around the
nation have moved to reduce their
air emissions,many of them are
creating another problem: water 

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Meeting Backs Ozone Proposal

CEC Director Charles Morgan meets
Mayor Calvin Tillman

CEC joined politicians, citizens
and other environmental groups
Tuesday, March 16, in Arlington
to lower the ozone standard.

"The old standard is insufficient,"
said Dr. Al Armendariz, regional
administrator for the EPA.
Dr. Armendariz spoke at the
hearing on the EPA's proposal
to lower ozone limits from 75
parts per billion to 60-70 parts
per billion.

High ozone levels have been
linked to reduced lung function,
asthma, and higher mortality
rates. This meeting was spon-
sored by the Sierra Club and
Downwinders At Risk and,
Public Citizen. Citizens
comments due by March, 22.

Vicky Prater of Copps said
TCEQ had not been helpful
in protecting the citizens.
Mayor Calvin Tillman of Dish
Tx. spoke of an independent study,
by Wolf Eagle
which found high levels of
Benzene in their air, after TCEQ
testing had claimed it safe.
Many people came, some more
than a hundred miles to tell of
tragic health issues caused by
air pollution. Read more:
http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/news/localnews/stories/DN-ozone_17met.ART.State.Edition1.4be51c1.html Also:
Great videos and comments from
Txsharon at Bluedaze.com

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Commissioner's Court says NO!

   The regular Commissioner's
Court meeting on March 1, 2010,
Voted no to our air monitor. It
had been approved twice. For years
concerned citizens have asked for
an air monitor, due to the many
gas wells, and Big Brown coal
Industry friendly Commissioner
Luke Ward made a motion to cancel
the air monitor due to expense, and
what we would do with data collected.
Big Brown extension Turlington
set to use 1,014 acres during it's
five year initial permit says Luminant.
Luke Ward's precinct.
The public is getting wise that what
we breathe can cause health problems,
but, here in Freestone they are content
to wait for EPA to regulate TCEQ.
It will happen it's just a matter of time.
Cancer cases in Flower Mound in
children, might be the wake-up call.
Read more...http://www.freestonecountytimes.com/

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tri-County Flare

Thanks to one of our members, we get
to see up close and personal, industry

I miss the BLUE skies of Texas, don't you?

Danger, Caution, No Smoking

What do you think Smokey The Bear would say?
Looks as if the powerlines are close to the flames.
This is not a good idea.

Two hours ago I was visiting our son, wife & two small children. While inside their home, we heard a loud noise. I could feel some vibration from the floor of their home. It sounded sort of like a train was going nearby. I didn't know what it was until they had me look out their front door. There was a HUGE flame. It was from a compressor station which is approx. 3/4 mile away.

I left their house & drove down past the compressor station, but it was too hot to sit by it (in my car), not to mention the noise. I shot a few pics. & did a little video and got out of there! I don't get frightened very easily but it scared me. If that monster ever blew up, it would take half that country side with it. It is a troubling thought.

Vote for Charles E. Morgan

Vote with us for stronger environmental
laws, to protect people and the earth.
Announcement of Candidacy for Democratic Party Nominee for

State Representative for District 8

I, Charles E. Morgan, P.E., Inactive, announce my candidacy for Democratic Party Nominee for State Representative for District 8. I am well qualified for this office. I have extensive experience in review of proposed bills for both the Texas House of Representatives and the Senate while working for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. I also made proposed amendments to several of those bills proposed. I have experience in budgeting, personnel management, programming of projects, construction, and energy improvements plus extensive knowledge of environmental issues and correction of those issues.

The Morgan family has lived at Lanely Community south of Fairfield, Texas since my retirement from the U.S. Air Force in 1987 and have served my community as 4-H leader, Dew School Board vice president, and County School Board representative for Dew. I have been an active member of the Grace Tabernacle Church at Dew for the past twenty one years. My wife of 37 years, Rebecca, and I have four sons; Ryan, Mark, Marty and Paul. We have five grandsons and one grand daughter. I own and operate the Diamond M6 Limousin Ranch at Lanely.

I have worked in various positions for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) to include lead commissioning engineer, lead civil/structural engineer, energy engineer, project engineer, environmental manager and chief of sanitary control. I was commissioning engineer for four High Security Prisons and project engineer for two of those. I worked with cities and counties coordinating utilities and roads for those facilities. I developed a five year energy plan for the TDCJ that is still being implemented. I retired from the TDCJ after 19 years and seven months of service on January 31, 2008.

In my Air Force career, I attained the rank of major as a civil engineering manager. my last assignment was at the Regional Civil Engineering Office in Dallas where I served as Deputy Director, Special Projects Division. I managed projects totaling $1.6 billion dollars. I also served at various air force bases with populations of 6,000 persons as Director of Operations and Maintenance of 500 facilities and 1000 family houses, three runways and all roads as well as all utilities. Of particular interest was my assignment to Saudi Arabia in 1980 as second in command of a $1.5 billion dollar construction program to support the 60, F-15 aircraft the U.S. sold to the Saudi military. The U.S. military flew out of these facilities in 1990 during the Gulf War.

My education is extensive. I graduated from Texas A & M University in civil engineering, attended various universities at the graduate level while in the military, completed military schools to include the Air Command and Staff College and Air War College. I have held Texas licenses in water, wastewater and solid waste. I am a licensed professional engineer in Texas in inactive status.

Part of the duties of a professional engineer is to protect the health and safety of the public. I am very concerned about the health of our citizens in District 8, especially our children. I believe I can have a significant impact by initiating state laws that protect our health.

I would appreciate your vote in the Democratic Primary for Texas State Representative, District 8 on March 2nd. Thank you for your support.

Political Advertisement paid for by Charles E. Morgan

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gas Explosion Middleton, CT

Kleen Energy Plant along the
Connecticut river explodes,killing
5 and injuring many. During a
'blow down' testing period, the
blast shook nearby homes, black
smoke was seen for miles. The plant
was expected to go online this
summer. Our sympathies to the
victims, and families.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Discoveries About Cleaner Energy Called Impossible?

Thanks to one of our members, who read this
in Waco Tribune Herald  we gain insight
to the cover-ups going on around us.
Former Mayor of Dallas Laura Miller
said she was invited to tour the Big Brown
plant in Fairfield. However when she reached
to touch it, she was stopped and told she
would get dirty.
Go to second letter on link to see what
Mayor of Hallsburg Mike Glockzin had
to say. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=123467361

Friday, February 5, 2010

Nuclear Renaissance Dealt Blow By South Texas Project Troubles

Public Citizen   Texas Vox...citizensarah

   Court ruling rang the first chime in
what could be called the death knell
of the so-called Nuclear Renaissance
starting with the failed expansion of
the (STP) South Texas Project.
NRG would wind down the project
as quickly and as economically as
possible, if CPS withdraws or STP
does not receive federal loan guar-
antees.This news marks a major blow
to those who claim nuclear power
is a viable alternative to fossil
fuel energy.http://texasvox.org/2010/01/29/nuclear-renaissance-dealt-blow-by-south-texas-project-troubles/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+TexasvoxTheVoiceOfPublicCitizenInTexas+%28TexasVox%3A+The+Voice+of+Public+Citizen+in+Texas%29

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Promise of Clean Water Act Unfulfilled

Environment Texas
Industry dumped 13 million pounds
of toxic chemicals into Texas
waterways in 2007. "While nearly
half of the lakes and rivers in
Texas are considered too polluted
for safe fishing or swimming,
polluters continue to use our
waterways as dumping grounds
for their toxic chemicals," said
Luke Metzer, director of
Environment Texas.
Thanks to the previous admin-
istrations 8 years of creating
loopholes, put thousands of
wetlands, headwaters, and
streams beyond the reach of the
Clean Water Act. http://www.environmenttexas.org/newsletters/winter10?id4=ES

White Stallion Clean & Pretty?

Randy Bird is trying to build another
coal fired power plant in Texas,
outside Houston in Matgorda Bay.
Investing in dirty energy is another
step backwards for Texas.
Get on board with Sierra Club
call and protest.http://action.sierraclub.org/site/MessageViewer?em_id=155701.0&dlv_id=134581

Monday, January 25, 2010

Breaking News!

Hooray! Thanks to the EPA, our new
Regional Director, Dr. Al Armendariz,
and Downwinders at Risk...

Who made Texas the battlefield in
an effort to bring SCR from Europe
to America.
In a stunning and unexpected move,
the EPA and Lafarge cement
announced an historic agreement
today that called for the building
and operation of the first Selective
Catalytic Reduction (SCR)
system on an American cement
Read how TCEQ was embarrassed
by ignoning their studies. Also,
see how Downwinders efforts will
help us all in Texas to breathe

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Drillers May Be Injecting Benzene

Dallas Morning News....Randy Lee Loftis
Environmental Writer
"Companies are basically doing an end
run around the law" said Dusty
Horwitt, senior counsel for the Envi-
ronmental Working Group, a Wash-
ington, D.C.-based research and ad-
vocacy organization."Congress should
never have given the oil & gas
industry a free pass."
Ramona Nye spokeswoman for the
Texas Railroad Commission, said
in an e-mail that the agency does not
ask drilling companies operating
in Texas what is in the fluids they inject
into the ground.That is because
state rules for well construction
have prevented even a single docu-
mented case of ground water con-
tamination from the injected fluids,
she said. "Therefore,the commission
does not see a need to monitor
fracturing fluids," Nye said.
More: http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/news/localnews/stories/DN-barnett_20met.ART0.State.Edition1.4ba4a7d.html

My Expierence with the Texas Railroad Commission

Mayor Tillman gives his impression of
testifying before the Railroad
Commission of Texas in Austin.
TCEQ puts disclaimers on the
bottom of all slides showing
recent lab results. Showing their
usual concern for Texas citizens.
Here's hoping the 'Sunset Review'
will shine on them. More...

Pickens Funding Natural Gas Ads

Dallas Morning News...Elizabeth Souder and Dave Michaels

Dallas energy investor T. Boone
Pickens is launching an ad campagin
to press Congress to pass legislation
that would help pay to convert U.S.
trucks to natural gas.
Having spent $62 million already
because he believes relying on
Petroleum from the Middle East is
dangerous. He declined to say how
much more the ads will cost.

Don't we wish he ad spent some of
those millions on the electric grid?
The grid is needed to  make use of
the wind farms. Which obviously,
are less toxic to the environment.

Full story herehttp://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/bus/industries/energy/stories/DN-pickens_14bus.ART.State.Edition1.3cfa290.html

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Vote for Charles E. Morgan

Good news for Citizens for
Environmental Clean-Up!!!

Our director is campaigning for
State Representative District 8.

  "Part of the duties of a pro-
fessional engineer is to protect
the health and safety of the
public. I am very concerned about
the health of our citizens in Dis-
trict 8, especially our children.
I believe I can have a signficant
impact by initiating state laws
that protect our health."
Let's all of us in Anderson,
Freestone, Limestone, and
Navarro Counties (District 8)
spread the word, and be sup-
portive of his campaign. We need
someone to help us with our
environmental needs!
Freestone County Times will
give us a web link update soon.

Haitian Earthquake

   God Bless Haiti. To donate: RedCross.org
So far, 28 aftershocks.
Vicims and familes you are in our
thoughts and prayers.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Texas, a state of denial on pollution rules

Dallas Morning News..... Editorial

The EPA announced tougher ozone
limits this week. The move long
anticipated as evidence mounted to
illustrate health risks.
Texas a state with notoriously
dirty air, needs changes to protect
people that live here.
Gov. Rick Perry denied the need
for tougher ozone limits, somehow
conflating smog rules with carbon
dioxide regulations. That only
confuses the issue. he says "Texas
was unfairly targeted by the EPA."
The rules apply nationwide, so
Texans must work really hard to
clean - up our air. Let's take our
heads out of the sand, and protect
our land. Full story below:

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Air Monitors       Freestone County Times   Mary Mcdonald
Here we go again, with news from
all over Texas about pollution making
people sick, EPA 's findings on lax
permitting, and deep pockets of
industry, all working against us poor
souls, just trying to breathe.
Once again, our County Commissioners
choose to stall.
With an air monitor already in the
budget, are they hoping to stall
this one out, like the one approved
for 2007?
Opponents would say what about the
tax revenue? What about the jobs?
I would say what about our lives?
What about the childrens' lives?
Think about how many jobs could
be created, cleaning up the mess
already made to our air, water, and