Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sierra Club to sue Luminant (formerly TXU)

Sierra Club intends to sue
Luminant (formerly TXU)
for thousands of air pol-
lution violations at the Big
Brown coal-fired electric
generating power plant,
near Fairfield, Texas south
of Corsicana. One of the
dirtiest in the nation.
Read how the
huffing stacks can cause
high ozone levels in the
Dallas Ft. Worth area this

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JOSE said...

So happy to have found you all! I am fighting a one-woman battle in Hopkins County Texas over the Thermo Lignite Mine. For those who may not know: Lignite’s nickname is Rosebud Coal. Pull up a picture/color and burn it into your memory – then watch your dust. Does it have a pick hue? You bet it does! We have this dust all over our homes and cars; in our water and food; in our sinuses and lungs! If you overlay the map of Cancer in Texas, with the Texas Coal Mine Map, and Map of Texas Coal Processing Plants – there is a MARKED similarity! Marked! Upper respiratory illness, allergies, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, COPD and Cancer fills our hospitals and clinics up and around here. What can we do?