Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Chained Woman Follow-Up

" I was forced to sign the
contract. If I didn't they were
going to get a restraining
order against me, and I
would go to jail," Donie land
owner stated in a follow up
interveiw & photo that appeared
on the front page of the "Times"
May 11, 2010.
Landfarming, bull-dozing, threats
of jail, pond contamination,
crystallized substances, oil
film, "mud" dumps read all
about it:

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Anonymous said...

The bullying crooks just stole that woman's property value and her health and safety b/c landfarming is a fancy term for dumping toxic waste that are produced from drilling and facking. See the 05/13/20 edition of the FW Weekly for more details. The Weekly's 01/13/10 cover story told of a man who fought these thugs from putting massive (16-24 inches in diameter size--picture your truck tires)gas pipelines under his little front yard in FW. It looked like he beat one of the world's richest energy corp[oration, no less.