Monday, February 28, 2011

New York Times Report: Fracked Water Thousands Of Times More Dangerous Than They Are Telling Us

Astonishing but true. Your
Government, politicians, the
Oil & Gas industry collaborated
in a conspiracy of silence
regarding the safety of using
hydrofracking techniques to
produce natural gas. Follow
link in Alternet story to New
York Times.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

EMINENT DOMAIN: Coming to a town near you?

The Texas Supreme Court
will hear a controversial case
to determine if a pipeline
carrying natural gas from
Louisiana to south of Houston,
should be deemed a "common
carrier", which would give it the
power of eminent domain.
That means if they want to come
through your property and you
don't want to sign the the offer
they make on your property, they
can begin condemnation pro-
cedures to just take your property
for what they think it's worth.
Read what Public Citizen says
about that:

Monday, February 21, 2011

For Jose....Hopkins County

Jose, we are so sorry your
comment did not show -up
on our blog until now. We
would love to hear from you again.
We Googled Earth to find your
location, and we saw more than
one mining operation in your
area.  The main office is
in Mt. Pleasant, and the phone
# is (903) 577-5140.
Please send the cancer overlay
map link you were speaking of.
What are we going to do? We
will keep fighting for Clean Air
Clean Water and hopefully win
the battle, for responsible

CEC Goals for 2011

Some of our main goals for
2011 are: Continued awareness/
education on power plant, com-
pressor stations, pipeline,
treatment centers, coal mines,
gas & oil drilling, spills,
leaks, venting / flaring and their
effects on the environment and
Continue to try and get an air
monitor for OUR AREA. We
will draft a letter for families
to send to EPA.
Determine effects of pollution
in Freestone, and adjacent
counties. (cancer, autism, etc.)
Encourage letters to the Editors
of our newspapers.
Encourage water testing prior
to drilling.
Obtain Legislature for Noise
Soil.. land farming, acid rain.
Join us to achieve these and other
goals, for Clean Air, Clean Water,
and uncontaminated soil for crops,
gardens, stock, and wildlife. We must
protect future generations.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Updates for CEC

Here are some of our best
accomplishments of 2010.
1. Cell phones for soldiers,
started by Ms. Barbara Nichols.
Giving talk time to our troops.
2.Noise Meter purchased to
read low-frequency noise.
Cost (on sale) $1,990.00.
Various readings taken in our area,
including schools, and hospitals.
By comparison TCEQ uses a
meter from Radio Shack that does
not read low - frequency levels.
3.Tri - folds initiated by Helen
Pickett explaining health impacts
from low - frequency noise for
extended periods. Also a map
showing locations of 69 compressor
stations in Freestone County. We
understand that number has jumped
to 130.
4. CEC had County Commissioners
to budget for an air monitor, deleted
from their program March 1, 2010.
5.Lide Industries permit, CEC
assisted Mrs. Pickett with having
their permit amended. The revised
permit application from new owners
was commented on.
6. Gasland movie shown for the public
at Southern Oaks Clubhouse. Mayor
Calvin Tillman of Dish, TX., and Tim
Ruggiero were present for questions.
(Our gratitude to them, Southern Oaks
and COPPS)
7.CEC attended meetings on Lakeside
and My Power Electric power plants.
8. Sept. 8th CEC attended EPA meeting
in Dallas,  on safe disposal of coal ash,
from coal fired power plants.
9. Grant Program: pursued Noise
Assessment Grant.
10. CEC worked with EPA & TCEQ
to have an unauthorized gas compressor
removed from Anadarko's Dowdy Ranch
11. CEC provided comments on Enbridge
Plum Creek gas treating facility permit
renewal still pending.
12.CEC blog started by Sharon Ward.
13. Started research on Micro - Wave
Tower health effects.

Arkansas Gaspatch

Arkansas has had 30 earthquakes in
two days, there have been 700
since Oct. 30, 2010. Read the
Bluedaze blog for more:

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hydrogen Sulfide Health Effects

Long Term Exposure
Acute Inhalation:

May experience dementia,
impaired memory, impaired
motor function, difficulty
communicating, slow speech,
difficulty retaining new information,
impaired vision, reduced
hearing, loss of muscle coordin-
ation, and attention and concen-
tration deficits.
Link below:


   And now for something
completely different. You
sold your soul for.....

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Are You Concerned About Gas Drilling?

Are you or any of your friends
going to the SuperBowl? Did
you think you could escape
the air or noise pollution from
gas drilling while there? Link
below shows a map of the 112
gas wells on DFW property, and
explains about an injection well
poised to accept frack fluids
from other wells. Good luck to you,
good luck to the teams.