Tuesday, December 21, 2010

15 Claims the Natural Gas Industry Wants You To Believe And Why They Are Wrong

Industry spends millions trying
to convince the public and law-
makers of the benefits of
"natural gas", but a quick look
at the propaganda reveals deep
The greed of a few, will poison
many.Wake up citizens, EPA
is our only hope.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Thristy Energy, Scarce Water: Interdependent Security Challenges

The following link will explain
how energy demands for water
put us at risk. Associated with
this environmental crisis is a
great political change. due to
divergent population pressures
and uneven natural distribution
of global water resources, the
world is being polarized into
water Haves and Have-nots,
posing myriad security challenges
that intersect energy security in
various ways. Fresh water scarcity
is a key reason why  3.5 billion
people are projected to be living
in countries that will not be able
to feed themselves by 2025.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

US natural gas drilling boom linked to pollution and social strife

Residents of Pennsylvania have
begun to call themselves, "little
Texas". The race for hydraulic
fracturing, 'fracking' is in full
force there. Without proper
research to insure the safety of
aquifers, air or soil. These folks
are experiencing the destruction
of their way of life.
Here, I would like to interject
a thought from Tim Ruggerio,
who says they are not making
cars to run on natural gas, or
that most power plants remain
coal-fired, so where is all this
natural gas? They have foreign
drilling co's. and foreign investors.
So where are all the trillions of ft.
of natural gas that has been