Sunday, January 23, 2011

Iron Eyes Cody Is Crying In His Grave

Pollution comes in many forms,
in air, water, soil, noise, litter,
etc..  People stop and think!
Erin Brockovitch says we are
committing our own genocide,
and don't even seem to care.
Have re-posted her blog, and
don't forget to watch Iron Eyes
Cody video at the end.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Retired Engineer Finds New Disease

When authority for Noise Laws
were delegated  back to the
states, only 5 states complied.
Texas was not one of them.
Freestone County has 130
compressor stations, at a
radius of 5 miles each, the
overlapping is inevitable.
Please read the link below
to see how long-term noise
levels can cause serious
health issues.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

RRC Sunset Hearing CEC Was There!

On Dec. 15  RRC Sunset review
hearing in Austin, was attended
by CEC Director, Charles Morgan
and secretary Sharon Ward
and friends, Mr. and Mrs.
Lionel Milberger of Robertson
County. We were unable to
stay for TCEQ hearing which
didn't end untill 11:45p.m..
Both Mr. Morgan, and Mr.
Milberger spoke. Their main
concerns were: Public notice
to property owners,and adjacent
property owners prior to con-
struction and drilling. Allowed
distances to oil and gas facilities
to residences, churches and schools
sufficient to protect peoples'
health and safety. Effect of drilling
and operations on property
valuation. Public access to RRC
user friendly website and locations
of maps of proposed and of oil and
existing gas wells and compressor stations.
The RRC should not be funded by the
public, but earn its keep by assessment
of fines and fees on the industry they
regulate. Out of 80,000 complaints
only 496 were taken to enforcement.
Noise issue: noise law to protect rural
citizens. RRC Commissioners are
elected and should not be allowed
to accept campaign contributions
from those entities it regulates. Oil
and Gas contributed about $100,000
to our representative, Mr. Cook,
Chairman of the Texas Legislature's
Environmental Committee.
Fracking Process: Develop rules
to protect our aquifers if we are to have
potable water to sustain our
Results from this hearing due mid- January.
Thanks Sierra Club for our pix.