Monday, November 15, 2010


Mayor of Dish Calvin Tillman,
Tim Ruggerio of Wise County,
Charles E. Morgan of Freestone
County were on hand to answer
questions after our local showing
GASLAND a documentary film
from Josh Fox explores the
largest ever gas rush  in
our country.
From fish kills, to well contamination's,
to flaming tap water, this fast pace
movie covers several states now
being  inundated  with gas wells.
Tim and his family's sad story was on
60 min. last night.
This was very informative and
community binding, a good time
was had by all.
Thank you Mayor Tillman, and
Mr. Ruggerio for the insight.
Thanks to Barbara Lawrence
and Southern Oaks Clubhouse.
Also of course, our photographer
Helen, and Director Mr. Morgan.

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