Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Screening of this award winning
documentary film:

SATURDAY, NOV. 13th 2010
3p.m. to 5p.m.
At Southern Oaks Clubhouse
At St. Elmo 111 Southern Oaks Dr.
behind the Shell service station
just off  F.M. 416 4 miles west
west of F.M.488, and north of
          Cost- Free
( Donations will be accepted to
support Citizens for Environmental
Clean-Up (CEC) information

Introducing "Gasland"  movie will
be Dish, Tx. Mayor Calvin Tillman.
The most fearless local elected
official, when it comes to taking
on the gas industry. There will be
a question and answer period
after the movie presentation.
Mayor Tillman,Charles Morgan
P.E. inactive Executive Director
CEC, and Barbara Lawrence, an
environmentally active Richland
Chambers resident will be available
to answer questions.

Don't miss this eye opening
documentary film about the risks
and dangers of natural gas develop-
Mr. Josh Fox produced this film
after being asked to lease his
Pennsylvania property for gas
exploration. he travelled across the
country to find out more about the
possible risks and repercussions
on the land and people. In Texas
fresh water wells have been con-
taminated to the point that residents
can turn on the tap, light a match
and watch what is supposed to be
their drinking water actually burn.
This is a must see movie.

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