Saturday, November 28, 2009

Given The Power
Teague, Nov.17, 2009

Teague resident, Joycie Burns, spoke eloquently
to the Court, pleading that the XTO permit to drill
Football Field No. 3 gas well, in the proposed west
side site be denied.
Mrs. Burns stated the well would be detrimental
to the growth of the area, where two wells have
already been drilled."It would be the death of the
West Side," Burns stated.
Mrs. Burns also indicated that it would be a health
hazard to Citizens most of whom are advanced in
A verbal exchange regarding safety, and noise issues
and Mrs. Burns request followed. Addtionally it was
unclear as to whether Austin St. was actually a street.
Council ultimately approved the request.

Gas Well Explosion: Tucker Residents Evacuate

Palestine, Nov.23, 2009

A ruptured gas line in Tucker area, caused residents to evacuate.

Anderson County sheriff Greg Taylor says the gas line was emiting

a white cloud, and making a loud noise. The 12 inch pipeline rupt-

ured about 4:30 p.m. There were no injuries. It was unclear if the

line was repaired, however residents were allowed to return to

their homes, after Atmos Energy shut the line off." It could have

been a lot worse than it was, natural gas can be very dangerous

when it's floating around," said Taylor.