Friday, June 3, 2011

Texas Legislature Fails Us Again

Here is an article from
Public Citizen that explains
Texas Legislature Fails to
Protect Public Health or Achieve
Clean Energy Jobs Potential
in the 82nd Legislative

Sunday, May 29, 2011

XL Keystone Dirty Tar Sands

Tar sands are an extremely dirty form of energy, so much in fact, that they were once regarded by the oil industry as too dirty to effectively refine. For every barrel of oil extracted, three to five barrels of water are forever contaminated.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Support the Clean Air Act!

Below is an excellent short
video link, Asthma Feels.
Earthjustice urges you to
tell Congress and the EPA
that we need the Clean Air
Because we ALL have a right
to breathe.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

NRDC Switchboard: Amy Mall's Blog

Live on tape: The dangerous
noise emitted by natural
gas compressor stations in
Low-frequency noise (LFN)
also created by compressor
stations, can also cause
Vibroacoustic disease leading
to cardiovascular symptoms
and decreased cognitive skills.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Flaring Next to School

This gas well pad was flaring on
Saturday, April 30, 2011 about
5:p.m.. This is located just across
Highway 84 from the new Teague
Jr. / High School.

I hope the students and staff are not
exposed on school days. These releases
contain toxins, which can be harmful.
Asthma victims beware.

Coming Soon, to a County Near You

On Saturday, May 7 the Keystone pipeline had a major rupture and spill near Cogswell, North Dakota spewing 500 barrels of oil in a geyser twice the height of the surrounding trees (about 60 feet). This pipeline is owned by TransCanada, the same company proposing to build the Keystone XL pipeline (an extension of the Keystone pipeline) down through Oklahoma and Texas.

Friday, May 6, 2011

GASLAND Movie Showings Reviews

Teague Community Center
Saturday 4-30-11

Thanks to Teague Community Center
for allowing us to use their facility.
We had 12 people in attendance for
this showing, we all enjoyed this informative,
movie. We had a lively discussion after,
covering even oil drilling in Mexia, in
the fifties, and how Lake Mexia was
needed for a water source after oil
drilling contamination. Health effects,
and Noise pollution were also covered.
We handed out our new VAD brochure.
Vibro Acoustic Disease has several
symptoms, foremost thickening of the
heart muscles. See post below for more.
We are looking forward to obtaining
the movie Split Estate, which deals
with eminent domain issues.
Remember your best defense is to be informed.

GASLAND Movie Showings Reviews

Friday, 4-29-11
VFW Fairfield, Tx.

Our thanks to the VFW for
the space to show the Gasland
movie. Although only 11 folks
attended, we had a good discussion
on the movie. It was informative,
and a lot of people in our area
were unfamiliar with the term fracking,
and the dangers to water contamination
it poses.We witnessed people who could
light their tap water on fire, had plastic
substances floating in their water, and some
who received 'water buffalos' even though
their water was 'safe' by industry standards.
After the movie we showed viewers the
new noise meter obtained by CEC. It
is a REAL one, not Radio Shack variety.
Usual price $3,000.00, we were able to
purchase on sale for $2,000.00. It can
measure Low Frequency Noise. Most
people can't hear this , but it is emitted
by the 130 compressor stations in our county.
This is yet another factor in health consequences,
due to drilling. It can cause Vibro Acoustic
Disease which makes heart muscles thicken.
(Pericardium Sac)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

GASLAND Fairfield - Teague

Free Viewing Of Documentary GASLAND

Citizens for Environmental Clean-Up
is sponsoring a free viewing of
"Gasland," winner of Best Documentary
at the Sundance Film Festival as well
as a 2011 Oscar Nominee.
Director Josh Fox journeys across America
to examine the negative effects of
natural gas drilling and asks the question,
is natural gas a viable alternative
to the country's dwindling energy resources,
or do the potential harmful consequences
outweigh the benefits?
The film, which features two Freestone
County residents, may be viewed on April 29th
at VFW hall in Fairfield, Texas or on
April 30th at the Senior Citizen's center in Teague,
 Texas. Both showings will start at 6:30 p.m..
Refreshments will be available.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


This Utube video explains
about compressor stations,
air and noise pollution, and
explosion dangers: 4:57
From Dallas, PA

Resitance to Gas Drilling in Ft. Worth Reported in New York Times

News of the controversial
procedure of hydraulic
fracturing (fracking), in Ft.
Worth is covered by New York
Times in link below.
On Wednesday, several dozen protesters marched through downtown Fort Worth, waving signs and chanting anti-drilling slogans that reflected concern over air and water pollution.
“It’s our health that’s at stake,” said Dana Schultes, who lives in south Fort Worth and worries about the impact of the drilling on her young daughter.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Deteriorating Oil & Gas Wells Threaten Drinking Water, Homes Across The Country

Pennsylvania alone, regulators estimate that 184,000 wells were drilled before records were kept. Many of those wells were plugged with stumps, rocks or nothing at all.
Even Texas, which has invested heavily in abandoned wells, is years away from plugging all of its open holes. Since 1984, it has plugged more than 30,000 wells. But almost 10,000 are still open, and more are found and added to the list all the time.
In the last 150 years, prospectors and energy companies have drilled as many as 12 million holes across the United States in search of oil and gas.
Read the link to see how your drinking water may soon be polluted.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

3.7 Earthquake Near Snyder, Texas

What do drilling, injection wells, and
earthquakes have in common? Let me
see... Hmmmm makes one wonder.
There has been a recent spate of earthquakes
in this area lately, a look at the map
provided by Txsharon's site can help
you to imagine. Also, scroll down to
comments for a thought on our possible
connection with Japan.

Here is another good link, day by day.

Joe Barton Claims That 'Texas Air Quality is Excellent'

Not only is Texas the biggest polluter in the country but it isn’t complying with federal air quality standards. Texas leads the nation in carbon dioxide emissions, and in 2008, Houston was ranked the fourth worst city for ozone — a far cry from “excellent” air quality.
Yep, every thing is bigger in Texas, untruths and pollution.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Drillers Soaking It All Up

MOUNDSVILLE-When Moundsville's reservoir dropped more than 10 feet in the course of a few days last month, officials began searching for what they believed would be a major water line leak.

What they didn't expect to find is that the water level drop would be from natural gas drilling companies using 9 million gallons of water as part of their hydraulic fracking operations.

Yes, what a surprise, weather forecasts predicts droughts this summer in our
area. Just who profits from water loss?

New Process Cleanly Extracts Oil From Tar Sands And Fouled Beaches

ScienceDaily (Mar. 20, 2011) — An environmentally friendlier method of separating oil from tar sands has been developed by a team of researchers at Penn State. This method, which utilizes ionic liquids to separate the heavy viscous oil from sand, is also capable of cleaning oil spills from beaches and separating oil from drill cuttings, the solid particles that must be removed from drilling fluids in oil and gas wells.
Safer methods for gas extractions exsist now, but are seldom utilized.
It would of course, cost industry some of their exorbitant profits to protect
our health.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Somebody Stop The Shocks

A Wood County family is
experiencing a bizarre problem
that they've been dealing with 
for years now.
Mitchell is convinced it has
something to do with the 
nearly three dozen radio and
cell phone towers he's mapped
out around his home.
The FDA says large amounts of
radio waves,can heat tissues in
certain parts of the body. But,
further research needs to be done. 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Man Invents Machine To Convert Plastic Into Oil

In an efficient and safe effort
to save us from the ill-effects
of plastic waste, Akinori Ito
has developed a machine which
converts plastic back into oil.

Arkansas 'Fracking' Sites Linked To Earthquakes May Be Closed

Little Rock, Ark. - Two more
small earthquakes have been
recorded in central Arkansas
where a recent spate of tremors
has officials considering shutting
two gas-drilling wells.
No injuries or

Monday, February 28, 2011

New York Times Report: Fracked Water Thousands Of Times More Dangerous Than They Are Telling Us

Astonishing but true. Your
Government, politicians, the
Oil & Gas industry collaborated
in a conspiracy of silence
regarding the safety of using
hydrofracking techniques to
produce natural gas. Follow
link in Alternet story to New
York Times.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

EMINENT DOMAIN: Coming to a town near you?

The Texas Supreme Court
will hear a controversial case
to determine if a pipeline
carrying natural gas from
Louisiana to south of Houston,
should be deemed a "common
carrier", which would give it the
power of eminent domain.
That means if they want to come
through your property and you
don't want to sign the the offer
they make on your property, they
can begin condemnation pro-
cedures to just take your property
for what they think it's worth.
Read what Public Citizen says
about that:

Monday, February 21, 2011

For Jose....Hopkins County

Jose, we are so sorry your
comment did not show -up
on our blog until now. We
would love to hear from you again.
We Googled Earth to find your
location, and we saw more than
one mining operation in your
area.  The main office is
in Mt. Pleasant, and the phone
# is (903) 577-5140.
Please send the cancer overlay
map link you were speaking of.
What are we going to do? We
will keep fighting for Clean Air
Clean Water and hopefully win
the battle, for responsible

CEC Goals for 2011

Some of our main goals for
2011 are: Continued awareness/
education on power plant, com-
pressor stations, pipeline,
treatment centers, coal mines,
gas & oil drilling, spills,
leaks, venting / flaring and their
effects on the environment and
Continue to try and get an air
monitor for OUR AREA. We
will draft a letter for families
to send to EPA.
Determine effects of pollution
in Freestone, and adjacent
counties. (cancer, autism, etc.)
Encourage letters to the Editors
of our newspapers.
Encourage water testing prior
to drilling.
Obtain Legislature for Noise
Soil.. land farming, acid rain.
Join us to achieve these and other
goals, for Clean Air, Clean Water,
and uncontaminated soil for crops,
gardens, stock, and wildlife. We must
protect future generations.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Updates for CEC

Here are some of our best
accomplishments of 2010.
1. Cell phones for soldiers,
started by Ms. Barbara Nichols.
Giving talk time to our troops.
2.Noise Meter purchased to
read low-frequency noise.
Cost (on sale) $1,990.00.
Various readings taken in our area,
including schools, and hospitals.
By comparison TCEQ uses a
meter from Radio Shack that does
not read low - frequency levels.
3.Tri - folds initiated by Helen
Pickett explaining health impacts
from low - frequency noise for
extended periods. Also a map
showing locations of 69 compressor
stations in Freestone County. We
understand that number has jumped
to 130.
4. CEC had County Commissioners
to budget for an air monitor, deleted
from their program March 1, 2010.
5.Lide Industries permit, CEC
assisted Mrs. Pickett with having
their permit amended. The revised
permit application from new owners
was commented on.
6. Gasland movie shown for the public
at Southern Oaks Clubhouse. Mayor
Calvin Tillman of Dish, TX., and Tim
Ruggiero were present for questions.
(Our gratitude to them, Southern Oaks
and COPPS)
7.CEC attended meetings on Lakeside
and My Power Electric power plants.
8. Sept. 8th CEC attended EPA meeting
in Dallas,  on safe disposal of coal ash,
from coal fired power plants.
9. Grant Program: pursued Noise
Assessment Grant.
10. CEC worked with EPA & TCEQ
to have an unauthorized gas compressor
removed from Anadarko's Dowdy Ranch
11. CEC provided comments on Enbridge
Plum Creek gas treating facility permit
renewal still pending.
12.CEC blog started by Sharon Ward.
13. Started research on Micro - Wave
Tower health effects.

Arkansas Gaspatch

Arkansas has had 30 earthquakes in
two days, there have been 700
since Oct. 30, 2010. Read the
Bluedaze blog for more:

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hydrogen Sulfide Health Effects

Long Term Exposure
Acute Inhalation:

May experience dementia,
impaired memory, impaired
motor function, difficulty
communicating, slow speech,
difficulty retaining new information,
impaired vision, reduced
hearing, loss of muscle coordin-
ation, and attention and concen-
tration deficits.
Link below:


   And now for something
completely different. You
sold your soul for.....

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Are You Concerned About Gas Drilling?

Are you or any of your friends
going to the SuperBowl? Did
you think you could escape
the air or noise pollution from
gas drilling while there? Link
below shows a map of the 112
gas wells on DFW property, and
explains about an injection well
poised to accept frack fluids
from other wells. Good luck to you,
good luck to the teams.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Iron Eyes Cody Is Crying In His Grave

Pollution comes in many forms,
in air, water, soil, noise, litter,
etc..  People stop and think!
Erin Brockovitch says we are
committing our own genocide,
and don't even seem to care.
Have re-posted her blog, and
don't forget to watch Iron Eyes
Cody video at the end.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Retired Engineer Finds New Disease

When authority for Noise Laws
were delegated  back to the
states, only 5 states complied.
Texas was not one of them.
Freestone County has 130
compressor stations, at a
radius of 5 miles each, the
overlapping is inevitable.
Please read the link below
to see how long-term noise
levels can cause serious
health issues.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

RRC Sunset Hearing CEC Was There!

On Dec. 15  RRC Sunset review
hearing in Austin, was attended
by CEC Director, Charles Morgan
and secretary Sharon Ward
and friends, Mr. and Mrs.
Lionel Milberger of Robertson
County. We were unable to
stay for TCEQ hearing which
didn't end untill 11:45p.m..
Both Mr. Morgan, and Mr.
Milberger spoke. Their main
concerns were: Public notice
to property owners,and adjacent
property owners prior to con-
struction and drilling. Allowed
distances to oil and gas facilities
to residences, churches and schools
sufficient to protect peoples'
health and safety. Effect of drilling
and operations on property
valuation. Public access to RRC
user friendly website and locations
of maps of proposed and of oil and
existing gas wells and compressor stations.
The RRC should not be funded by the
public, but earn its keep by assessment
of fines and fees on the industry they
regulate. Out of 80,000 complaints
only 496 were taken to enforcement.
Noise issue: noise law to protect rural
citizens. RRC Commissioners are
elected and should not be allowed
to accept campaign contributions
from those entities it regulates. Oil
and Gas contributed about $100,000
to our representative, Mr. Cook,
Chairman of the Texas Legislature's
Environmental Committee.
Fracking Process: Develop rules
to protect our aquifers if we are to have
potable water to sustain our
Results from this hearing due mid- January.
Thanks Sierra Club for our pix.