Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tri-County Flare

Thanks to one of our members, we get
to see up close and personal, industry

I miss the BLUE skies of Texas, don't you?

Danger, Caution, No Smoking

What do you think Smokey The Bear would say?
Looks as if the powerlines are close to the flames.
This is not a good idea.

Two hours ago I was visiting our son, wife & two small children. While inside their home, we heard a loud noise. I could feel some vibration from the floor of their home. It sounded sort of like a train was going nearby. I didn't know what it was until they had me look out their front door. There was a HUGE flame. It was from a compressor station which is approx. 3/4 mile away.

I left their house & drove down past the compressor station, but it was too hot to sit by it (in my car), not to mention the noise. I shot a few pics. & did a little video and got out of there! I don't get frightened very easily but it scared me. If that monster ever blew up, it would take half that country side with it. It is a troubling thought.

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