Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Texas State Government Responds to Results

of DISH Health Survey
Earthworks  Press Release
 TCEQ acknowledged the need for new
protections for citizens living in the
Barnett Shale. They must now respond
to odor complaints within 12 hours,
and all other complaints in the same day.
We must pay attention to what actions
were taken to get these results here.
In 2007, the County approved funds
for an air monitor. Lack of action, let
these funds expire. In 2009 with the help
from COPPS,and CEC we again received
budget approval for an air monitor,
months have passed, so far we've
accomplished only delay, delay. Help
protect our health, stand with us to
determine our air safety, Let's tell
the EPA we are concerned about our
children's future,and the health and
well being of all.
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