Friday, December 11, 2009

TCEQ Gives Green Light To Another Texas Coal Plant

Public Citizen ~ Texas VOX citizensarah

  The dramatic irony of TCEQ to grant NRG
Limestone Coal Plant an air permit just when
leaders of the world are meeting to save our
planet from global warming. Texas gives the
green light to build another mercury spewing
asthma inducing coal plant.

  Next legislation session TCEQ will undergo
the Sunset Review process, which will give
us a chance to reform TCEQ permitting process.

If allowed to continue, NRG will release:
2,102 tons per year SO2 forms smog
1,752 TPY of NOX forms ozone
1,226 TPY of particulate matter which
causes respiratory illness.
140 pounds PY of Mercury which causes
birth defects and developmental problems
in children
Full story:
CEC also a party in case against this permit.

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