Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hydraulic Fracturing Natural Gas Boom Hits Obstacle

Groundwater Contamination
      Blogging Stocks.... By: Joseph Lazzaro
Perhaps Initial euphoria over prospects
for a massive increase in natural
gas supply~~both in the U.S. and
globally~~ were a bit premature.
The reason, new technologies such
as hydraulic fracturing to access
the gas are causing environmental
problems. Mainly, drinking water wells
and water supplies.The New York
Times reported. The incidence of
groundwater contamination is thin
but, environmental groups say
that's because government has
been slow to monitor and not
looking hard enough for contami-
Obviously a setback for natural
gas, as new technology must be
sensitive to drinking water sup-
plies. A comparatively cheap
energy but not worth contamin-
ating wells or groundwater.
Investors should take a wait
and see approach, pending an
EPA review to see if the new
technology can be made safe.

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