Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Natural Gas Drilling Harms Eyes Causes Tumors

Destroys Air: The Ugly Truth Behind the 'Natural' Energy Source
 from...Planet Green  by: Rachel Cernansky

With exemptions from the most fundamental evironmental protect-
tions including the Clean Air and Safe Drinking Water Acts, the
oil and gas industry has been able to get away with polluting land,
air and water supplies - and getting people sick every step of the
way. The industry relies on a method called hydraulic fracturing
or fracing to access most of the gas reserves underground, is not
required to disclose types or amounts of chemicals used while
drilling. Making it difficult for scientist, and doctors to find ill effects
on the environment and human health.

According to Dr. Theo Colburn 2-BE a chemical used in emulsifing
can enter the home through a water well, which means it will be in
water used for drinking, bathing, showering, doing laundry and dishes.
More regulation is needed, solutions already exsist. Read more

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Anonymous said...

very informative mother. must do more research myself on these topics. not online enough i guess. will try to read up more on this and see if i can find out more about it all.