Friday, December 18, 2009

Denton County Consultant Sentenced

Texas Emissions Reduction Plan Investigation
   The Texas Commission for Enviro-
mental Quality announced the recent
conviction of a Denton County man,
as a result of a forgery investigation
conducted by the TCEQ Environ-
mental Crimes Unit.
On Nov. 24, 2009 Claude Dean (C.D.)
Stang, owner of Texas Grant Writers,
of Aubrey, Texas was sentenced to 
five years in prison for his role in forging
signatures on the condition and use form
on Texas Emissions Reduction Plan
grant applications.
  During the investigation, it was found
that Stang Was charging up to $600 per
piece of equipment to assist potential
applicants in filling out the TCEQ's
Emissions Incentive Grant applications.
The investigation revealed that Stang
and his employees were falsifying bid
quotes from Fairfield Tractor.

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