Sunday, February 20, 2011

Updates for CEC

Here are some of our best
accomplishments of 2010.
1. Cell phones for soldiers,
started by Ms. Barbara Nichols.
Giving talk time to our troops.
2.Noise Meter purchased to
read low-frequency noise.
Cost (on sale) $1,990.00.
Various readings taken in our area,
including schools, and hospitals.
By comparison TCEQ uses a
meter from Radio Shack that does
not read low - frequency levels.
3.Tri - folds initiated by Helen
Pickett explaining health impacts
from low - frequency noise for
extended periods. Also a map
showing locations of 69 compressor
stations in Freestone County. We
understand that number has jumped
to 130.
4. CEC had County Commissioners
to budget for an air monitor, deleted
from their program March 1, 2010.
5.Lide Industries permit, CEC
assisted Mrs. Pickett with having
their permit amended. The revised
permit application from new owners
was commented on.
6. Gasland movie shown for the public
at Southern Oaks Clubhouse. Mayor
Calvin Tillman of Dish, TX., and Tim
Ruggiero were present for questions.
(Our gratitude to them, Southern Oaks
and COPPS)
7.CEC attended meetings on Lakeside
and My Power Electric power plants.
8. Sept. 8th CEC attended EPA meeting
in Dallas,  on safe disposal of coal ash,
from coal fired power plants.
9. Grant Program: pursued Noise
Assessment Grant.
10. CEC worked with EPA & TCEQ
to have an unauthorized gas compressor
removed from Anadarko's Dowdy Ranch
11. CEC provided comments on Enbridge
Plum Creek gas treating facility permit
renewal still pending.
12.CEC blog started by Sharon Ward.
13. Started research on Micro - Wave
Tower health effects.

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