Friday, May 6, 2011

GASLAND Movie Showings Reviews

Friday, 4-29-11
VFW Fairfield, Tx.

Our thanks to the VFW for
the space to show the Gasland
movie. Although only 11 folks
attended, we had a good discussion
on the movie. It was informative,
and a lot of people in our area
were unfamiliar with the term fracking,
and the dangers to water contamination
it poses.We witnessed people who could
light their tap water on fire, had plastic
substances floating in their water, and some
who received 'water buffalos' even though
their water was 'safe' by industry standards.
After the movie we showed viewers the
new noise meter obtained by CEC. It
is a REAL one, not Radio Shack variety.
Usual price $3,000.00, we were able to
purchase on sale for $2,000.00. It can
measure Low Frequency Noise. Most
people can't hear this , but it is emitted
by the 130 compressor stations in our county.
This is yet another factor in health consequences,
due to drilling. It can cause Vibro Acoustic
Disease which makes heart muscles thicken.
(Pericardium Sac)

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