Monday, February 21, 2011

CEC Goals for 2011

Some of our main goals for
2011 are: Continued awareness/
education on power plant, com-
pressor stations, pipeline,
treatment centers, coal mines,
gas & oil drilling, spills,
leaks, venting / flaring and their
effects on the environment and
Continue to try and get an air
monitor for OUR AREA. We
will draft a letter for families
to send to EPA.
Determine effects of pollution
in Freestone, and adjacent
counties. (cancer, autism, etc.)
Encourage letters to the Editors
of our newspapers.
Encourage water testing prior
to drilling.
Obtain Legislature for Noise
Soil.. land farming, acid rain.
Join us to achieve these and other
goals, for Clean Air, Clean Water,
and uncontaminated soil for crops,
gardens, stock, and wildlife. We must
protect future generations.

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