Monday, March 21, 2011

New Process Cleanly Extracts Oil From Tar Sands And Fouled Beaches

ScienceDaily (Mar. 20, 2011) — An environmentally friendlier method of separating oil from tar sands has been developed by a team of researchers at Penn State. This method, which utilizes ionic liquids to separate the heavy viscous oil from sand, is also capable of cleaning oil spills from beaches and separating oil from drill cuttings, the solid particles that must be removed from drilling fluids in oil and gas wells.
Safer methods for gas extractions exsist now, but are seldom utilized.
It would of course, cost industry some of their exorbitant profits to protect
our health.

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HCR-LLC said...

As much as it is an excellent breakthrough, hopefully it won't ever have to be used on a great scale! Would have been great to implement during the Deepwater Horizon.