Saturday, August 28, 2010

Our Health Or Their Wealth

   The EPA is set to crack down
on polluters, with stronger rules
and regulation. Industry has
lobbied fast and furious against
this, with millions and millions
of dollars.
   It's as if they can't see the forest
for the trees. If only they could
spend that money on safe practices,
lives could be saved. Contaminating
our air, soil, and water spewing
such toxins as arsenic, benzene,
mercury, lead, and formaldehyde
is not good for us, animals, or
the planet. Many developments
exist to contain or capture spills,
leaks, flaring, venting etc. Here I
will mention, human error which
caused a nuclear shut-down in 
south Texas on Friday.
   Our grand children will not care
about deficits, if they can't 
breathe, eat, or have pure water.
BP overstated the job losses (in
industry) to maintain big profits,
and boost bottom line. We shouldn't
have to pay to clean up their mess,
or ours. Industry should be 
more responsible, more American.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

BSEEC & Titan Engineering Hid Formaldehyde Findings In Barnrett Shale Air Study

I attended this presentation in Ft.
Worth to see how 'big cities' are
coping with the drilling boom,
and health problems associated
with it.
Wilma Subra  was said to be 'our'
Mother Teresa, informing and
empowering  the little guys.
The BSEEC panel seemed to
have only the good neighbor
playbook pat answers, to some
well thought out questions.
One really good one from Tim Ruggerio
was how much notice facilities were
given before inspection. The answer:
"at least two weeks." read Bluedaze
on formaldehyde.