Sunday, July 25, 2010

EPA Considers Risk of Gas Extraction

   Yellow foul-smelling water,
do you depend on your own
water well? Could be a costly
investment down the drain.
Even public water supplies
leave a lot to be desired.
   The hydraulic fracking
method of gas extraction
takes 3-9 million gallons
of water, sand, and 590+
'secret' chemicals, how's
that for the water table? The
EPA is preparing to spend
1.9 million dollars on a study
to find out. This should
prompt families, farmers, and
ranchers to re-think the clean
energy Bridge.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Cynthia Lee of Donie, who
recently chained herself to
a tree to prevent XTO drilling
on her land has made the paper again.
Word is she now has an
attorney to prevent pipe-
lines on her land. If they
get the pipelines in she
can never have a pond
there, dig on it, or use it

Friday, July 9, 2010

FDL says Moratorium on "Fracking" in NYS

   Cynthia Kouril
Senator Joeseph P. Addabbo Jr.,
is sponsoring a bill calling for
a moratorium on hydro-fracing
in up-state New York watershed.
It may come up for a vote in the
Senate before the end of the
current legislative session,
scheduled to resume the week
of July 12th.

Fracas Over 'Fracking'

Damascus Citizens Reports
from Houston Business
by: Ford Gunter
   "It's going to be over very
quick, I think the EPA is
going to rule very quickly
'frac' water is carcinogenic.
They have to put it back
under the (Safe Drinking
Water Act). Everyone in the
industry says when that
happens... it's over."
Despite the best intentions of
energy icon T. Boone Pickens
and regardless of the controversy
over deep water exploration in
the Gulf of Mexico, onshore gas
operations in the United States
face a serious and distracting