Thursday, March 18, 2010

Meeting Backs Ozone Proposal

CEC Director Charles Morgan meets
Mayor Calvin Tillman

CEC joined politicians, citizens
and other environmental groups
Tuesday, March 16, in Arlington
to lower the ozone standard.

"The old standard is insufficient,"
said Dr. Al Armendariz, regional
administrator for the EPA.
Dr. Armendariz spoke at the
hearing on the EPA's proposal
to lower ozone limits from 75
parts per billion to 60-70 parts
per billion.

High ozone levels have been
linked to reduced lung function,
asthma, and higher mortality
rates. This meeting was spon-
sored by the Sierra Club and
Downwinders At Risk and,
Public Citizen. Citizens
comments due by March, 22.

Vicky Prater of Copps said
TCEQ had not been helpful
in protecting the citizens.
Mayor Calvin Tillman of Dish
Tx. spoke of an independent study,
by Wolf Eagle
which found high levels of
Benzene in their air, after TCEQ
testing had claimed it safe.
Many people came, some more
than a hundred miles to tell of
tragic health issues caused by
air pollution. Read more: Also:
Great videos and comments from
Txsharon at

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Commissioner's Court says NO!

   The regular Commissioner's
Court meeting on March 1, 2010,
Voted no to our air monitor. It
had been approved twice. For years
concerned citizens have asked for
an air monitor, due to the many
gas wells, and Big Brown coal
Industry friendly Commissioner
Luke Ward made a motion to cancel
the air monitor due to expense, and
what we would do with data collected.
Big Brown extension Turlington
set to use 1,014 acres during it's
five year initial permit says Luminant.
Luke Ward's precinct.
The public is getting wise that what
we breathe can cause health problems,
but, here in Freestone they are content
to wait for EPA to regulate TCEQ.
It will happen it's just a matter of time.
Cancer cases in Flower Mound in
children, might be the wake-up call.